Pyrgos, the highest and possibly the most beautiful village of Santorini. It used to be called Kainouriobourgo and until 1800 it was its capital. It is just 10 kilometers away from Fira and belongs administratively to Fira’s community. What are all those reasons for which it constitutes α “must” landmark for its visitors? Learn more through the text we edited for you.

Reason #1: Pyrgos’ central square with the great history

In the central square of the village that is called Ypsilos Kafenes, you will see the monument of the Greek warriors that lost their lives during the Balkan Wars, World War I, and also Smyrna Catastrophe. Perimetrically of the square, you will admire the classical Cycladic houses with the blue doors and the small yards. Furthermore, you will discover the architecture of that time’s houses. The high roofs, the non-existing foundations and vaults, aimed to keep the houses warm during winter and cold during summer.

Reason #2: The picturesque temple of a Greek Orthodox church

One of the oldest churches of Santorini, dated back in the10th century AC. Theotokaki – as the locals call it – is located in Kastelli and enchants whoever stands before it. Admiring the Aegean Sea and having architecture with a variety of influences, it certainly constitutes a jewel for the island. Entering the internal of the church, you will see different kind of hagiographies, but the one that will definitely stand out is the picture of Holy Mother right of the sanctuary.

Reason #3: “Santorini of old times”

 In the winery Drosou – Chrysou, you can imaginary get transferred to how Santorini used to be. In that specific place you will see collection of objects and photographs that depict the local’s routines back in the days, as also their financial activities. You will learn the procedure of producing wine, but also the way of processing tomatoes and fava. After that, you will see the mansion and the farm house, the limnaris (Santorinian hunter of the time), the violinists and the cooper. Lastly, you can also see through photographs how the authentic family winery used to be.

Pyrgos in Santorini awaits you to discover it!

Pyrgos is certainly a unique little village that is worth visiting for the history it has, as well as its beauty. To get there, though, you have to make the first step, by booking your ticket to Santorini. Travel from Piraeus or from Heraklion Crete to Santorini, with the new super modern Thunder of FAST FERRIES. You are just one step away! Make your reservation in our official website and… Have a nice trip!


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