Malia, the famous town of Heraklion Crete that constitutes one of the most famous touristic destinations. It’s just 35 kilometers from Heraklion and falls under the municipal unit of Hersonissos. And what if, during winter, its permanent residents don’t exceed the 4000? During summer it is full of Greek and foreign tourists who choose it for their vacations. What are all those elements, though, that make it so special and for which it is worth visiting? Learn more about it through the text we edited for you!

1. Its old picturesque town

The old town in Malia is worth a walk. Narrow alleys, houses with bougainvillea and little taverns with live Greek music compose its picturesque and idyllic scenery.

2. The nightlife in the coast of Malia

The street of Eleutherius Venizelos, separates the quite old town from the coastal Malia, the ultimate pleasure destination. The cafes, the bars and the summer clubs that attract tourists not only from Greece, but from all over the world.

3. The River & all the beaches close to Malia

The district of Malia includes some of the most remarkable beaches to dive. First and best is not other but the famous River that combines sand, crystal waters, organization and accessibility for people with disabilities. Remarkable choices are also the graphic Stalida, and the homonymous central beach of Malia.

4. The Minoan Palace of Malia

It is the third in size palace of Minoan Crete, build in a gorgeous natural location viewing the sea. According to the mythology it was inhabited by Sarpidona brother of Minoa.

5. Panagia Galatiani

This landmark of religious interest, was named that way after using milk instead of water for its build. Its construction began on the 14th century, however, it was completed centuries later, approximately by the end of the 19th century. It is famous for its historical Christian Art.

6. The hotels at Malia

In Malia of Crete, you will find many options in luxury hotels with swimming pools, as well as modern rooms for rent. Due to the high competition, the prices are affordable and the benefits are great. So, choose the one that fits your needs.

7. The alternative activities.

Beginning from Malia, you can start your own “safari” in mountainous Crete and in its famous coastal areas. Experienced 4X4 vehicle drivers undertake your tour on magical routes such as the Lasithi Plateau, Sarakina and Elounda.

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