Departure Date




According to E.U. Directive 98/41, it is obligatory, for safety reasons, that a passenger list be issued for every voyage. For this reason the passenger’s name is printed on the ticket. More specifically, the list must contain the following: The passenger’s first and last name, the sex: male/female, the age: adult/child/infant and a telephone number for the exclusive purpose of notifying the passenger in case of delay, cancellation or frustration of the voyage. In addition to the above, persons in need of special care should be reported at the travel agency issuing the tickets. The issue of tickets on board the vessel is prohibited and consequently, in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort, the passengers must duly proceed with the reservations and the issuance of tickets. Children up to 4 years old: the issuance of a ticket with zero cost is obligatory.

Passengers are required to arrive at the vessel thirty minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and to bring their vehicles to the loading area one hour prior to departure. Owners of all types of vehicles are obligated to comply with the current legislation governing the transportation of vehicles by sea, in accordance with the directives of the port authority.

Additional Measures for the Transport of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) on Ro-Ro Passenger Ships

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) include: a) Rechargeable hybrid and fully electric vehicles equipped with accumulators (batteries). b) Vehicles utilizing liquefied and compressed gaseous fuels.

Specifically for these categories of vehicles, and in accordance with the relevant circular from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs titled “Additional Measures for the Transport of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) on Ro-Ro Passenger and Cargo Ships,” dated April 16, 2024, with reference number 2070.0/28541/2024, which aims to prevent and mitigate the risk of fire and the release of toxic gases in vehicle transport areas, the following provisions apply:

To authorize the loading and transport of fully electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles, the state of charge of their accumulators must not exceed 40% of their total capacity. For vehicles utilizing other alternative fuels, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas, the fuel tanks must not contain more than 50% of their total capacity.

AFVs with a malfunction in their fuel system, tanks, or accumulators shall not be loaded unless these components have been removed. In particular, in cases of uncertainty regarding potential damage to the accumulator, such vehicles shall not be loaded or transported. The responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is free from damage or malfunction in its fuel system, tanks, or accumulators rests exclusively with the vehicle owners.

During the loading of AFVs, the type of vehicle and its stowage position on the vessel must be recorded, and the crew must affix appropriate signage in a prominent location on the vehicle. For fully electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles, the temperature of the accumulators must be monitored.

Passengers and drivers must be advised to immediately inform the crew in the event of any alarm indication from their vehicle.

Note: The tickets for the aforementioned vehicles must be issued under the relevant category in the reservation system.

Tickets must be issued within the deadline which is set on the date of the reservation. The passengers are informed about the deadline by their travel agent. If the ticket is not issued within the deadline, the reservation is automatically cancelled.

Open date tickets are valid for 1 year and such tickets are not accepted for boarding. It is necessary that the initial ticket be replaced with a new ticket before boarding. If, until the date of travel, the fare has been increased, owners of such tickets must pay the difference.

We inform you that our company supports the service of prepaid tickets (PTA).

From the date of issue of the ticket until 8 days before the scheduled time of departure: Tickets can be cancelled without cancellation penalties if the whole body of the ticket is returned or they can be converted to open date tickets. From 7 days up until the scheduled time of departure: Tickets can be cancelled with a cancellation penalty of 50% as long as the whole body of the ticket is returned or alternatively, they can be converted to open date tickets. After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled, cannot be converted to open date, and no change of date is possible. Tickets can only be cancelled by the travel agents by which they were issued; they cannot be cancelled by phone. Persons wishing to cancel a ticket must deliver it to the agency that has issued it.

Passengers and their vehicles can board the vessel without changing their tickets.

CANCELLATION: Tickets for the cancelled voyage are not valid for embarkation and must be changed for the next scheduled departure where there is availability, by replacing the ticket.In case the voyage is delayed or cancelled, passengers are kindly requested to contact the offices of the company in order to be informed about the new time of departure of the vessel.

In case of loss of a ticket, the passenger must buy a new ticket in order to travel. The passenger must then notify the company about the loss in writing stating the date of travel, the itinerary, the number of the lost ticket, the number of the new ticket which is purchased and a photocopy of the latter. If it results from the company’s archives that the lost ticket has not been used within a period of one year after the date of travel, the company shall issue a ticket for this itinerary without any additional fare charge. You can find all the data regarding a lost ticket at the company’s central offices. The statement of loss of ticket shall be submitted to the company’s offices, 10, Skouze str., Piraeus, or it shall be sent by fax to +30 210 4281064 or by e-mail info@fastferries.com.gr.


The company shall make every possible effort to deliver all its scheduled itineraries. However, it reserves the right to make alterations to the above, if this becomes necessary.

We kindly request that the tickets of passengers and vehicles as well as the reduced fare tickets be issued correctly in order to avoid any discomfort. The Purser Officers carry out ticket controls upon boarding and during the voyage. Upon such controls, passengers are required to present their tickets as well as any documents which entitle them to a reduced fare ticket.

Passenger is entitled to carry on board hand luggage. Operator is responsible for the damage or loss of luggage on board the ship only if it is delivered for safekeeping and a receipt is issued. Luggage must not contain valuables. Valuables can be handed for safekeeping to the Officers in charge.

Our vessels has specially designated areas for the best service of passengers with special needs. For this, prompt reservation is necessary.

Vessels, has special areas for the accommodation of pets. For sanitary reasons pets are not allowed in the bars, restaurants and internal areas of the vessel. If they are moving (always accompanied and wearing a leash) they must obligatorily wear a muzzle. Passengers travelling with a pet must always carry with them a recently updated health book of the pet and are responsible for the caretaking, the safety and the hygiene of the pet. The vessel has a special area for the daily hygiene of the pets. Unaccompanied pets shall not be accepted on board.

Passengers who have lost or found an object are kindly requested to inform, during the voyage, the Reception of the ship or, after disembarkation, the Central Offices of Cyclades Fast Ferries, Customer Services, tel: +30 210 4182163, e-mail: info@fastferries.com.gr.

For any query, remark or complaint passengers may contact the Company by phone at +30 210 4182163 or by e-mail at: info@fastferries.com.gr.

For safety reasons, all passengers and items which they bring on board may be checked. Persons who refuse to comply shall not be allowed on board and they shall be reported to the local port authorities. Passengers must present to the authorized personnel of the vessel their ticket, passport, identity card or other valid travel documents. The company reserves the right to refuse boarding if the passenger does not carry the required travel documents and if he cannot prove his identity beyond any doubt. After boarding, disembarkation is not permitted without permission of the ship’s officers in charge. In case that a passenger wishes to cancel his trip after having boarded the vessel, he must carry his luggage and, if possible, his vehicle, out of the vessel. If you carry a gun, we kindly request that you declare it upon your embarkation.