Chapter 1: General Terms
1.1 The FastFriends Program (“Program” or “FastFriends”) of the companies CYCLADES FAST FERIES NAFTIKI ETAIREIA or CYCLADES FAST FERRIES MARITIME COMPANY (“FASTFERRIES”) and ELLINIKI FLOGA FAST FERIS NAFTIKI ETAIREIA or HELLENIC FLAME FAST FERRIES MARITIME COMPANY (“FASTFERRIES”), seated in Piraeus, 10, Skouze Street, P.C. 18536, is a program of benefits, offers, privileges and services offered to the participants in the Program (“Members”), through the collection and redemption of points (“Points”).
1.2 The Conditions and Regulations of the Program stated herein (“Terms”), define the relations between FASTFERRIES and the Members, the participation procedure as well as the collection of points and their redemption. FASTFERRIES retains the right to alter those Terms unilaterally without previous notice. You are kindly requested to make sure, every time you look for information as to the services of the program that you are referring to conditions and regulations in force, found in our website
1.3 FASTFERRIES inform customers on the rules, terms and conditions concerning the collection of points and their redemption.
1.4 Each point is a unit of measure of the Program.
1.5. The Program does not apply in case of prohibition or restriction by law.
1.6. The breach of the Terms of the Program by the Members may invalidate all the points of the Member as well as its participation in the Program.

Chapter 2: Participation
2.1 All passengers of FASTFERRIES aged 18 or over, are entitled to participate in the Program. Legal Entities of any kind, Companies of any type, Private Enterprises, owners of cooperating travel agencies and their employees are excluded from being members and participants in the Program.
2.2. The participation in the Program is strictly personal and cannot be transferred or assigned by the Member to any third party.
2.3 In order to participate in the Program it is necessary to register, by completing the relevant application form which may be found in the FASTFERRIES web page Applicants have to complete and send the application electronically. Applicants shall receive through automatic email the card of member of FastFriends with the Account Number, and the password. The applicant can print and keep the temporary (paper) card until the plastic personal card is sent. The member is able to use the temporary (paper) card immediately and collect points by buying his/her ticket.
2.4 Every Account Number is unique. The Account Number, the Password and the FastFerries card enable the passenger to collect and cash points.
2.5 The passengers-members accept and agree the Terms & conditions of the Program upon sending the application form.
2.6 During the registration in the Program, the Member is obliged to insert its full name and surname in Latin characters, as it is stated in its identity card or passport.
2.7 FASTFERRIES can accept or reject any application at its discretion.
2.8 Any Member can hold only one personal account (“Account”), in which are credited the accumulated points.
2.9 In case that the Member wishes to cancel its participation in the Program, it has to request it in writing. After consideration of the request, the Account and the points would be automatically cancelled

Chapter 3: Cards
3.1 Any card is personal, cannot be transferred or assigned, contains the name of the beneficiary-Member and the number of the card. The card belongs always in the property of FASTFERRIES, which reserves the right to withdraw or invalidate or/and replace it. The card is not a credit card and cannot be used as an identity card in case of ticket’s control.
3.2 In case of loss, theft or destruction of the Card, the Member must to inform immediately FASTFERRIES in writing either by e-mail or by fax. In this case, the card will be invalidated and a card with a new number will be issued, to which the rest of the already collected points will be transferred.

Chapter 4: Collecting Points
4.1 In order that points are credited to a Member’s account, a trip has to be made by the member himself with coincidence of the particulars of the member and of the person who embarks.
4.2 The points are collected and recorded, according the current tables of Accumulation of Points stated in the web site of FASTFERRIES in the place FastFriend (and in the following table). No points will be given to the free tickets or to tickets of special offers or to counter change of services or to tickets of group booking (groups).













RAFINA ANDROS 19 14 13 10  29
RAFINA TINOS 27 20 19 14  40
RAFINA MYKONOS 29 22 20 15  45
RAFINA NAXOS 30 23 21 15 45
ANDROS TINOS 13 10 9 7  21
ANDROS MYKONOS 15 11 11 8  26
TINOS MYKONOS 8 6 6 4  11
TINOS NAXOS 18 14 13 9 28
MYKONOS NAXOS 17 13 12 9 27


TINOS NAXOS 32 11 52

4.3. Members cannot transfer the points by any means or to assign them to any third person, and no adding of points with those of another member is allowed, for an offer to be received in common with another member of the program.
4.4. The points have no commercial value, and cannot be exchanged with money, under no circumstances. Any sale or exchange etc of points or of special offers is automatically considered as null and void.
4.5. In case of cancellation of the Program according to the General Conditions, all points collected are automatically invalidated and they cannot be exchanged with any offers.
4.6. Any passenger-Member of the Program will have to state his card Number, when booking and buying his ticket, otherwise, no points are credited. The ticket clippings are to be conserved by the Member until the relevant points of the trip appear to his Account.
4.7. The points that have been collected will appear on the member’s Account after the completion of the trip. Each member can be informed of the points collected from the on-line administration FastFriends through the web site
4.8. In case points, which should have been credited in the member’s Account, are not credited, you are kindly requested to provide us with the ticket clipping for the relevant trip. Objections regarding the status of accounts of points will have to be communicated to FASTFERRIES within three (3) months, starting from the day at which the member alleges that these points should had been credited to his account, otherwise, the points will be lost

Chapter 5: Cashing Points
5.1 The members have to collect the required amount of points which are necessary for the exchange/cashing of a ticket-offer, according to the current reward tables of cashing points, as they appear in the official web site of FASTFERRIEs in the place FastFriends. A member is able to cash points with free or discount tickets according to the following table.

5.2 A free of discount ticket is issued directly the time of the booking. At the same time takes place the abstraction of the relevant Cashing Points from the Account of the Member.
5.3 All presents-free tickets are offered according to availability and according to the Rules and Regulations ruling the program at the specific time period.
5.4 At the collection of the tickets from the cooperating with FASTFERRIES travel agencies, the member has to provide his card member of FastFriends as well as his identity card. The member has to sign in the rear side of the ticket to the ticket clipping/Checkin (orange colored).
5.5 In case the passenger wishes to invalidate the free ticket, he has to produce the free ticket to any Central or Port Agencies of FASTFERRIES or to the Agency which has issued the ticket. By invalidating the ticket, all the points abstracted for the issuing of the free ticket will return to the account of the member.
5.6 In case the passenger does not travel (non show) and the ticket has not been invalidated before the day of the trip, then the free ticket is no longer valid and the member loses all the points that were cashed in order to get it.
5.7 Class upgrading is not considered as a way of cashing points.
5.8 In case a free-discount ticket is lost or stolen, the member has to state it to a Central or Port Agency of FASTFERRIES or to the Travel Agency which issued the ticket and fill-in the relevant Affirmation in Lieu so that the lost ticket is replaced in case that it is not found within a period of a year.

Chapter 6: Other Terms
6.1 FASTFERRIES can end the FastFriends program unilaterally, after a six-month before the termination warning to the members. Within these six months, members can cash the points they have collected. After the end of this period, all rights of all members will be terminated and the points that are left in the accounts of the members without been cashed, will cease to exist.
6.2 In case the legal status of the company is altered, or the FASTFERRIES is in any way dissolved, the FastFriends program will be automatically invalidated and all accounts of all members will be automatically annulled. Points that may exist in those accounts will be invalidated, as well.
6.3 FASTFERRIES is not responsible for damages that may be caused from acts or omissions of third persons that may be related to the FastFriends program.
6.4 Under no circumstances will FASTFERRIES be charged with damages caused to Members of the program or third persons, owed to inaccurate or false information given by members themselves, or due to non written notice on the part of members, regarding changes of their personal data.
6.5 The Rules and Regulations stated here, along with every difference that may emerge in relation to them, FASTFERRIES in general and the Members of the Program, are governed by the Greek Law and will be solved by the competent Piraeus courts.
6.6 For any claim or complaint concerning the program and its operation, a member will have to contact FastFriends Club at 210 4182005, during working days and hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00-17.00.
6.7 FASTFERRIES wish to confirm that the personal information collected for the purposes of the FastFerries program are recorded in a safe data base, their personal character is secured and they are not transferred to any natural or legal entity, unless it is required by regulations of the law.
6.8 The personal information in question will be processed as a whole or partly, by FASTFERRIES, for statistical and financial reasons, as well as for reasons related to the improvement of the FastFriends Program.
6.9 The program members are entitled to have access, be informed and object, as foreseen in the regulations of the Greek law 2472/1997, as in force. Applicants who do not agree with the present rules of the protection of personal information, ought not to proceed with their registration to the program in question, as otherwise, it is considered that they consent, according to law 2472/1997, to the use and processing of their personal information, for the purposes of the FastFriends Program.