Waterfalls of Pithara, an enchanting spot on the beloved island of Andros that resembles a fairyland. Who would have expected that in the heart of Cyclades there is a green habitat straight out of a fairytale? When you arrive on the island for vacations, don’t forget to include them in your visiting schedule. Before you book your ticket to the island from Rafina, take a taste of paradise through the text we edited for you.

The waterfalls of Pithara and their secrets!

1. They are easily accessible.

They are located on the western side of Andros in the village of Apoikia, which is only a few kilometers from Chora. To reach them, you’ll need to walk for a while trough a path, which is extremely mild.

2. The dreamy path.

Walking down the green path to the waterfalls of Pithara, you’ll start feeling the real magic of this place. Enjoy every step of the fairytale route, under the sound of cicadas.

3. Their clear waters.

The rushing waters of the waterfalls spring from Evrousies, an area on Mount Petalos. Their biggest source is Zenio. Its waters branch off towards Lamyra, Menites, Palaiopolis and Pitrofo reaching out Gialia.

4. The biotope.

Within the green landscape emerges a habitat of unique beauty with waterfalls and lakes where aquatic life abounds. Along the entire length of the ravine, rare kinds of plants and wild flowers are grown.

+1. The waterfalls of Pithara powered the largest watermill in the Balkans.

From about the middle of 19th century until shortly after World War I, the Pithara waterfalls powered the biggest watermill of Balkans that is located in Stenies of Andros. In turn, the watermill powered the Fabrika, an innovative pasta factory of its time.

Discover the waterfalls of Pithara in Andros

Andros is not only famous for its beaches and history. Its nature hides beauties you’ll not easily come across in the rest of Cyclades. Pithara waterfalls, worth visiting when you find yourself to Andros, are characteristic of the rare beauty of flora and fauna. So, organize your spring or summer trip and enjoy the uniqueness of the Andros experience.


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