Tinos, is an island with unique sights, uncountable settlements, beautiful beaches and of course, the Temple of Evangelistria that constitutes a part of Modern Greek History. Well known as “the island of Virgin Mary”, today’s Tinos does not stand only in its rich religious and cultural heritage. It’s about a modern Cycladic destination with countless options for its visitors, offering a complete experience of travel enjoyment.

When you reach its port with one of the Fast Ferries ships, you’ll be impressed by the magnificent temple of “Virgin Mary of Tinos” which dominates in one of the town’s hills. As you explore Tinos further, you’ll discover a special island world, ready to amaze you with the nobility and sophisticated feeling it exudes. Cobblestoned alleys, traditional fountains and arches, houses with coats of arms, mansions, even castles, compose its scenery.

Walk in its streets and live the experience of real Tinos through its top 11 attractions that we strongly recommend you to visit.

#1 Starting point: the Archeological Museum of Tinos!

Admire potteries, amphorae and collections from ancient currencies of different archeological periods. What we believe will mostly pique your curiosity are the famous storage jars that were discovered in the foremost temple of Dimitra and Her Daughter in the Xombourgos rock. Particularly impressive are the exhibits from pieces of Poseidon’s and Amphitrite’s temple.

#2 The dovecotes that are literally everywhere!

It is one of the most special sights of Tinos. Although it’s not certain when exactly their structure began, it is certain that we are talking about unique monuments of folk art and architecture. The stone- built pigeon lofts are scattered and countless, built in different parts on the island so pigeons can stay safe from the strong winds. Its internal may be facsimile, its external decoration, though, differs from one another. The breeding of pigeons began during the Venetian period and contributed greatly to the economic prosperity of the island.

#3 Kardiani could not be omitted from Tinos’ attractions!

One of the most picturesque and beautiful villages of Tinos, Kardiani, is offered for many photographical clicks and promises great thrills. Built in an idyllic location, on the slope of mount Peteles, it is embraced by plane trees and lush greenery. All – white houses, impressive architecture, gurgling gushing waters in springs and, of course, enchanting sea view that will certainly steal a piece of your heart.

#4 The sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite!

A temple dedicated to the worship of Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite at Kionia of Tinos. Its structure and expand, dates back to the period of Macedonian domination in Cyclades (4th BC century). The temple obtained great fame and especially on the 3rd BC century, became a pole of attraction for pilgrims, even outside Greece. It maintained its glamor until middle of the 3rd AD century, when it was abandoned. The sculptural and architectural parts of the sanctuary were used as building material and someone can still see embedded inscribed slabs and other pieces from the sanctuary.

#5 Volax of Tinos is an attraction from another… planet!

In Volax village, you will find yourself in front of a…lunar landscape! Yes, you read that right! Granite rocks in the shape of planets (volacas) can be found around the settlement making the landscape resemble a science fiction movie. According to legend, these rocks are the leftovers of the battle between Giants and Titans. Today, we are talking about a famous attraction of tourists and climbers from all over the world.

#6 The monument of “Elli’!

Next to the church of Evresis, on the ground floor of the Virgin Mary’s temple, there is a mausoleum with the victims of the sinking of the battle ship “Elli” which was torpedoed by an Italian submarine off the port of Tinos in August 1940. If you find yourself in Tinos, you will certainly want to pay a silent tribute to the fallen.

#7 The Museum of Traditional Pottery!

It is housed by a traditional Tinian house and was built for the study and preservation of the folk heritage of the place. In that Museum, you can find potteries, donated by residents of the village “Aetofollia” – where it is located – but also of other neighboring settlements, which were preserved, recorded and photographed. Furthermore, a traditional kiln was constructed, using the last testimonies of the island’s potters.

#8 The village Pyrgos in Tinos!

One of the most famous sights of Tinos is the biggest settlement after Chora. Birthplace of Giannoulis Chalepas and other artists, Pyrgos has been characterized as the outdoor museum of folk art, which preserves the traditional Cycladic architecture as it is. In its…services you will find a multitude of beautiful cafes and museums, but also, an impressive graphic square with supercentenarian plane trees.

#9 The rock of Exomvourgo, one of the most characteristic sights of Tinos!

It is, perhaps, the trademark of the island after Virgin Mary’s Church. “Xomvourgo”, as the locals call it, dominates the center of the southern part of Tinos at an altitude of 640 meters. The side of Exomvourgo also constitutes one of the most famous climbing fields in Greece offering a magical view and an unforgettable experience to the climbers.

#10 The Museum Kostas Tsoklis!

This attraction of Tinos, is located in an idyllic village of Kampos. It is a museums which puts forward the multifaceted work of the famous artist. This place also hosts thematic exhibitions, whilst pieces of art from Greek and foreign artists are exhibited in the museum. One of the most trendy attractions of Tinos for the Art lovers and not only.

#11 Livada beach in Tinos!

In an isolated coast in Tinos, Livada beach steals the show with the unique shapes that have been formed on the rocks of its left side by the waves over the years. The rock formations change according to one’s imagination and it is a delightful scene that you certainly want to experience up close.


Enjoy modern Tinos & its attractions!

Experience your own trip to Tinos, from Rafina, with Fast Ferries ships and discover the modern face of the island through its sights. It is a beautiful destination suitable for every taste, offering a lot of quality options to those who love splendid beaches, good life, nature, civilization, even…extreme sports.

Are you ready to enjoy the true Tinos and its attractions?



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