Syros, the Lady of Cyclades that promises to enchant you with its beaches. There, you’ll definitely find options fitting your tastes. Whether you’re looking for organized family sandy beaches, or secluded ones to enjoy your peace and love, this island is your choice. But which are those you must absolutely visit? To help you through the process, we have gathered and present them to you.

These are the beaches of Syros that are worth visiting:

1. Megas Gialos, one of Syros’ largest beaches!

It is south of Ermoupolis in front of the homonymous settlement. It’s about two sandy beaches with crystal waters and natural shadow from tamarisk trees that compose a beautiful, quiet but also organized beach worth visiting.

2. Azolimnos for endless dives!

This beach will win you over, as well, for its light blue waters, its blond sand and the natural fresh air of the tamarisk trees. There, you will enjoy the most impressive and safe dives from its three docks, two in the beach and the other one at its edge.

3. Vari beach, ideal for families that visit Syros!

In case you have your family with you, in Vari you will find a beach that combines everything: sand, shallow waters, good organization, tasty food, bar, even infrastructures for sea sports. The small enclosed bay and the shallow waters are ideal for our little friends.

4. Galissas, maybe the most famous beach of Syros!

This beach promises to offer all the kinds of comforts. Swim in its crystal waters, relax on the golden sand and enjoy your food in its taverns. When the sunset time comes, climb up to the chapel of Agia Pakou to appreciate the view.

5. Kini with the outstanding sunset!

From the western side of the island, we can distinguish the organized Kini beach. The first thing you’ll see when you visit it, is the fountain with a mermaid saving a shipwrecked. The thing that will make you keep it in your heart, though, is its amazing sunset view. Boats with destination the secluded beaches start from there.

6. Foinikas beach, hangout for sailors and fishermen!

Sit comfortably on your sunbed drinking mojitos or enjoy your fish in its fancy taverns, gazing at the sailboats that have moored along it. The beach is the top choice for those who love fishing and snorkeling.

7. Agkathopes, the locals’ favorite beach!

If you ask the locals which beaches you must definitely visit in Syros, they might hesitate tell you Agkathopes. The reason is that they prefer it for themselves. In fact, the beach is not only the local’s favorite, but also the favorite of the Mediterranean’s monk seal monachus – monachus that visits it every spring.

8. The idyllic beach Komito

Quieter than Agkathopes, this sandy beach is ideal for couples who want to enjoy swimming and romance. Many also choose it for the beach bar that is next to it and plays good music all day long.

9. Armeos, the choice of nudists!

This beach is in a privileged location that protects it from public view making it the favorite destination for locals and travelers who love nudism. Breathtaking, but also pure, it combines pebbles, sand and crystal waters. It is connected to Galisa bay by a path.

10. Gria Spilia, also known as the American’s beach!

It is a gorgeous beach with crystal waters. It’s all green landscape was created by an American Syros lover, John Person, who wanted to add greenery in the barren landscape. The place is ideal for free camping.

+1. Asteria((stars) of Ermoupolis, your nearest choice!

If you go to Syros, it is quite likely that you’ll stay in Ermoupolis. If you do so, it is also likely that you’ll pay a visit to a beautiful nearby beach to make your dives. Asteria of Ermoupolis with a view over the entire capital is definitely the reliable easy solution you are searching for.

Syros and its beaches are awaiting you to enjoy them.

Are you looking for an authentic Cycladic destination full of beautiful beaches, aristocratic charm, unique sights and tastes that make the difference? If the answer is yes, then Syros is one of your top options. Concerning its beaches, we are absolutely positive that they will win you over. So, learn everything you need to know about the island, and then book your tickets with “THUNDER”, the new super modern high – speed of FAST FERRIES that upgrades your travel experience.


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