Santorini’s volcano, the main reason for its uniqueness & an attraction that is definitely worth visiting. It is one of the largest underwater active volcanos worldwide, with the largest crater of any other. Its caldera, on the other side, reaches the sea. Its eruptions shaped not only the geological formation and nature of the island, but also decisively affected every form of human activity on it.

The largest eruption of Santorini’s volcano

During the history of Santorini, there were repeatedly big eruptions of its volcano, extensive lava formations and caldera collapses. One of the biggest eruptions of the last 12.000 years worldwide was its explosion that occurred around 1.600 BC. Not only did it change the geography of the island, but it is also speculated that it was the cause of the destruction of the Minoan civilization, the most brilliant of the Bronze Age, due to the tsunamis it created and which allegedly hit the coastal areas of Crete. The ash covered a large area in the East Mediterranean and Asia. Traces of the ash have been located in an area that covers even Antarctica, as recently revealed by ice core analysis.

Nea and Palea Kameni: The volcanic islands!

Σαντορίνη Ηφαίστειο
After the Minoan explosion, there was no other that could reach it in severity. However, all the explosions that occurred over the centuries, constituted to the creation of little volcanic islands. The most important of these, is the “Nea Kameni”, the island that locals and visitors today consider as the volcano. It took its final form recently, after the last explosion of 1950. Exactly next to it, is located the “Palea Kameni”, which was formed approximately 2000 years ago, during the explosion of 47 AC . Both islands are visitable by boat from Fira, Athinio, Ammoudi or Oia of Santorini.

Santorini’s volcano remains active

Even today, the explorers continue to keep an eye on the activity of Santorini’s volcano. In fact, due to magma concentration in its core, they estimate that in a long turn, over a 150 years chronical horizon, there might be a possibility of an explosion. In any case, they highlight that volcanic activity should not cause any worries.

Live the experience of visiting the volcano of Santorini!

Ηφαίστειο Σαντορίνης
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