Red beach in Santorini, different from what you’ve seen so far! Famous till the edge of the earth, it is a unique of its kind sight due to the specificity of its volcanic landscape. It is located southeast of Santorini, in the wider area of Akrotiri, in a distance of 8 kilometers from Fira. So, what are all those reasons why it is worth visiting? Discover them through the text we edited for you.

Red Beach in Santorini: 6+1 reasons to visit it!

1. Because it is the only red beach in the world

There is nothing like this anywhere else. In that beach, the red color dominates from the sand to the rocks, giving the impression of a truly alien landscape, from those that scientists have recorded only in Mars, the “red planet”. The only thing that is not red there, is its sea.

2. For its calm waters

The red beach is hosted in a small cove, which remains relatively calm all summer. Only when the wind blows from the south, the waves in the beach are increased, but not that much that they prevent you from enjoying swimming.

3. Because it is accessible by car or boat

There are two ways to go to the Red Beach of Santorini: By car or boat from Perissa. In case you choose to go by car, you will need to leave the car in the nearest parking lot and continue on foot along the narrow path that leads to it.

4. Because it has all the basic comforts that you need

Reaching the Red Beach of Santorini during the summer months, you shall find umbrellas, sunbeds, as well as a cantine with cool drinks and snacks. There, you can also rent a sea bike or canoe.

5. Because it belongs to the best beaches of the world for nudists

One more reason that makes Red Beach of Santorini stand out, is that nudism is allowed on its shores. That’s why it is a top choice for Greek and foreign visitors who love being close to nature.

6. Because next to it there is the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri

Before or after your dives at the Red Beach of Santorini, you can visit the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri. It is one of the best-preserved prehistoric settlements worldwide, as the volcanic materials that covered the city, protected the buildings and their content, as was done in Ancient Pompeii in Southern Italy.

+1. Because in Red Beach you will take the most impressive photos!

Your vacation album in Santorini cannot but include photos from its Red Beach! From whatever angle you photograph it, it is certain that it will give you its stunning view of it on the lens of your smartphone or your camera.

Live the experience of the Red Beach in Santorini!

It’s not just another beautiful Cycladic beach where you can swim, but a sight worth admiring! So put your sunscreen on your face and body, wear sport shoes for the way to the beach and enjoy the Red Beach in and out of the sea. To get there, of course, you need to book your ticket to Santorini first. Now, your first choice is none other than FAST FERRIES that will take you to the island with the super modern Thunder. So, you will enjoy a top travel experience that will start and end magically in the #1 port of the country, Piraeus!


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