Parikia or else…Parkia, the famous capital and also at the same time the basic passenger and commercial port of Paros. When you visit the island, you will definitely come by it because the FAST FERRIES ship departing from Rafina, docks there. It is the #1 touristic attraction –and not by chance- as it combines all the comforts of a modern city with the authenticity and the beauty of a Cycladic destination. What are, though, all those reasons for which you have to visit and stay in it? Discover them through the text we edited for you!

Parikia of Paros: 10+1 Reasons to discover it!

1.The white Cycladic straits with the bougainvillea.

When you reach Parikia, one of its first features, that will impress you, is the outstanding Cycladic straits with the white houses and mansions. In their gardens, you will find bougainvillea, the favorite plant of its inhabitants, which will fill your holidays with fragrance. Don’t forget to walk along Yannis Parios Street, which stands out with its centuries-old palm trees.

2.Its idyllic bars.

Nightlife and entertainment in Paros is based on two pillars: Parikia and Naousa. In the capital you will enjoy your drink or cocktail in an idyllic atmosphere overlooking the harbor. That is why it is an ideal choice for couples and those looking for more peace. On the other hand, Naousa offers itself for entertainment at a frantic pace, until the morning.

3.The famous Fragokastelo, the Castle of Parikia!

Walking in the center of Parikia, you will see the ruins of the 13th century Venetian castle. It was built on the site of the Ancient Acropolis of the island, in its southwestern part, on the hill of Agios Konstantinos. Within its ruins, there are many churches of the post-Byzantine period that are worth discovering.

4.Panagia Ekatontapyliani.

Of course, one of the most important attractions of Paros is the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani or Katontapyliani, as the locals call it. It dates from the 6th century and is one of the oldest Orthodox pilgrimages. It is a work of the Byzantine emperor Constantine the Great in honor of his mother Saint Helen.

5.The windmill of Paros!

If dictionaries had pictures, next to the word ‘Paros’ there should be a picture of its traditional windmill. It is the trademark of the island, but also one of the most characteristic images of Cyclades. It is visible from many parts of Parikia, and of course from the FAST FERRIES ship every time that enters the port.

6.The butterfly Valley, just outside Parikia!

One of the most important attractions of Parian nature is the Butterfly Valley. This is a rare green habitat that hosts butterflies of the Jersey Tiger Moth species. When you get there, you have to be quiet so you don’t… disturb the beautiful inhabitants of the forest!

7.The places of archeological interest in Parikia!

Paros is an island with a history of thousands of years, which is reflected mainly in the archaeological sites of Parikia. When you are there, don’t miss visiting the Archaeological Museum of Paros, the pottery workshop and of course the ancient cemetery on the beach.

8.The boat trip to Antiparos!

When you find yourself in Parikia during the summer, don’t miss the experience of a boat trip to Antiparos. It will take you for a walk in the deep blue waters of the island to go swimming, while by the afternoon it will have returned you to your base.

9.The beaches in Parikia!

Of course, Paros stands out for its beaches, which you will visit by public means of transport. However, if you live in Parikia and prefer to walk, then we recommend the organized beach at the Yacht Club, as well as the sandy Livadia and Marcelo.

10.The delicious food!

Cosmopolitan Parikia offers you impressively interesting gastronomical proposals that include from traditional taverns, to chic seafood with careful fusion menus, to restaurants that serve ethnic cuisine from all over the world.

+1. Sunset in Parikia!

Parikia offers many spots to enjoy the sunset with your partner. The two, that we singled out and recommend to you, are the sunset from Fragokastelo with a panoramic view of the port, but also from Agios Fokas, a small sandy beach located in an impressive location at the northern end of the bay of Parikia.


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