Oia of Santorini, one of the most characteristic traditional settlements of Cyclades with a reputation that reaches the end of the world. It is also named Apano Meria or Anomeria and its residents are called Apanomerites. It is located in the northern side of the island, and is 11 kilometers away from Fira, its capital. Its altitude does not exceed the 121 meters, whilst the permanent habitats are approximately 800. What are all those reasons for which it is worth visiting it? Find them out in the text we edited for you!

Oia Thira: 7+1 reasons to visit it

1. Oia’s sunset

Οία Σαντορίνη

Oia of Santorini is globally known for its incredible sunsets. Thousand of tourists every summer – and not only – travel from all around the world just to admire the view as the sun goes down in Aegean Sea.

2. Kasteli of Agios Nikolaos

The best spot to enjoy the sunset in Oia of Santorini is located to its “castle” also known as Kasteli of Agios Nikolaos. It was built in 1456, however, it was heavily damaged by the 1956 earthquake. Today, only one part of the tower is saved.

3. The characteristic Cycladic architecture of the settlement

Since 1978, the settlement of Oia has been characterized as traditional. The white houses, the little churches with the blue domes and the picturesque alleys such as Nikolaos Nomikos street combined with the magical view create an unforgettable landscape. The settlement is densely structured and includes many resorts, touristic accommodations, and entertainment areas.

4. The market of Oia

Oia’s alleys are full of taverns and cafes for food and drink. There you will also find a lot of traditional shops with local products, but also galleries with handmade jewelries and pieces of art.

5. The Maritime Museum of Oia

On of the most special museums of Cyclades and Greece in general, the Maritime Museum of Oia Santorini is housed in a fully renovated mansion of 19th century and includes art that is related to island’s maritime life.

6. Sigalas estate

Visiting one of the most excellent winemaking establishments of Santorini is must. If you are close to Oia, one of your top choices is the Sigalas winemaking. After you get toured to the estate and its establishments, then, you will taste its wonderful wines.

7. The beaches that are close to Oia

Οία Σαντορίνη

A stone’s throw from Oia, you can find some of the best beaches of Santorini. Right under the settlement you will have your dives in Ammoudi. In the exact opposite side there is the small beach Armeni, which includes harbors and dock where vessels moor. Additionally, excellent choices are also Baxedes, locals’ favorite beach, as well as Koloumbos which has been named after the underwater volcano that is close.

+1. The feast of Saint George in Oia, Santorini

The perfect time to visit Oia and Santorini is during spring and specifically the day of Saint George’s feast. That time, a great festival, one of the most famous of the islands begins, with local wine and variety of food.

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