Naousa of Paros, one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Greece, with the largest fishing fleet in Cyclades. It is the second largest village of the island after the capital Parikia, from which it is 11 kilometers away. It is located on its northern coast and its beauty combines authentic island character with cosmopolitan glamour. But what are all those reasons that make her stand out? Discover them through the text we prepared for you.

Naousa, Paros: 10+1 reasons to visit!!

1. Its magical scenery.

Despite the tourist development of the village, Naousa has preserved its traditional character. Its picturesque alleys, the Venetian castle on its beach which is lit up at night, as well as the wonderful harbor that hosts all size of yachts make up an enchanting scene.

2. Its moderns comforts.

Naousa offers you everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay. There you will find hotels, camping and renting rooms for all tastes. Its large market includes all kinds of shops, such as shops selling precious stones, traditional and not only clothing, as well as local delicacies.

3.Its famous fish-taverns

The port of Naousa is always full of fishing boats and fishermen bringing out fresh fish and seafood. Of course, everything is available in the local fish taverns, which were once fishermen’s warehouses.

4. The intense night life.

Naousa is undoubtedly the center of Paros’ nightlife. That is why people come from all over the island, to have fun until the morning. In fact, its bars and clubs are among the most famous in Greece.

5. The beautiful surrounding villages.

Having Naousa as your base, you can visit some of the most beautiful villages of Paros such as Ampelas, Santa Maria, Agioi Anargyroi, Kolymbithres and Kamares. For these places, as for many more of Paros, there are local bus routes.

6. Its nearby beaches

Paros is also famous for its beaches, many of which are located near Naousa. Some of those worth visiting are Piperi, Fykia, Kolymbithres, Monastery, Agioi Anargyroi, Laggeri, Santa Maria, Ampelas and Damoulis.

7. The 6 monasteries around Naousa.

The Byzantine and post-Byzantine heritage is reflected in the churches and monasteries located in the wider area of Naousa. The six monasteries where you can admire elaborate icons and frescoes are the Monastery of Logovarda, Agios Ioannis Detis, the Metropolitan Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the Monastery of Agios Athanasios and the medieval church of Agios Georgios.

8. The famous corsair night!

It is one of the biggest holidays of the Cyclades which takes place every year on August 23. The people of Naousa, wanting to exorcise the memories of the pirates who for many years ravaged Paros, represent the plundering of the village with flares, but also with a big feast with Parian wine and seafood for everyone.

9. The ancient heritage.

Whatever time of year you find yourself in Paros, it is worth visiting Kolymbithres and the site of the Mycenaean acropolis of 1200 BC. in Koukounaries. Near Naousa, there are also historical attractions such as the First-Cycladic cemetery, the Venetian fortress castle on the north side of the port, and also the Folklore Collection of Naousa, which presents clothes and objects of the inhabitants of Paros from other times.

10. The environmental & Cultural Park of Paros!

A visit to Paros Park is a must for everyone and especially for families. This model space for Greek standards combines recreation, sports, culture and ecology. It includes a cafe, an exhibition space, a summer cinema, an amphitheater for events, organized and free beaches, as well as a network of walking paths of 7 km. It is accessible either by boat from the port of Naousa or by car.

+1. The unique hiking routes that pass through Naousa Paros

Paros has a central network of paths of approximately 35 km, with Naousa offering interesting route options such as: Naousa – Kolymbithres, Naousa – Santa Maria. So choose the one that suits you, take the necessary equipment with you, i.e. your sports shoes, water and sunscreen and start enjoying it.


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