Lefkes, Paros a village so enchanting, so special and so unusual that after visiting it, it will steal a part of your heart. It is, without any exaggeration, a village of utter beauty, which, for many, is one of the most beautiful settlements in Greece. What is it, though, that makes them stand out and attract the attention of so many thousands of visitors per year despite the intense….competition from the rest of the beautiful and picturesque villages? The answer is not so easy, as the reasons are so many. Let’s see together the 6+1 most important ones through the text we edited for you.

Lefkes, Paros: The 6+1 reasons why you should definitely visit them.

Reason No1: Because Lefkes of Paros is actually so different from….Paros itself!

Paros is famous worldwide for its fantastic beaches and seaside villages. Lefkes is “something different”, as it is the most mountainous and green settlement of Paros. It is the highest village on the island –built at an altitude of 250m—and is the first capital of the island.

Reason No2: Because in Lefkes of Paros anyone can find true peace!

Paros Island is also known for its intense nightlife that includes young ages and fun until morning. However, precisely because Lefkes is built on an elevated point and in the nature of Paros, there is no other settlement nearby. Everything you need for some peace and relaxation.

Reason No3: Because the view at Lefkes of Paros is breathtaking!

Lefkes of Paros is a village built amphitheatrically, therefore, depending on where you take your walk or enjoy your coffee, you can have a view either of the Aegean Sea that extends to neighboring Naxos, or of the village itself and the natural beauty that surrounds it. In any case, the view will compensate you even more!

Reason No4: Because in Lefkes of Paros you can wander through Rhamnos!

This is the most commercial and central street in Lefkes of Paros, in which there are quite a few tourist shops, churches, traditional cafes as well as neoclassical buildings with a laundromat. Furthermore, Rhamnos is intersected by traditional alleys, each of which leads to a different neighborhood of white houses and plumed courtyards. Finally, on the road, you will come across a series of attractions such as the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Heroes’ Monument, while among the neoclassical buildings that will accompany you on your walk, you will find the House of Literature.

Reason No5: Because in Lefkes of Paros you will enjoy the Caravola festival!

In Lefkes of Paros, one of the most famous festivals of the island takes place every year, the Caravola festival, which symbolizes the farewell of summer and takes place around the end of August. The spree lasts until the morning, while the dish that… predominates is the famous caravoles, i.e. the large local snails, which are mainly accompanied by chickpeas and garlic.

Reason No6: Because in Lefkes you will visit the first Folklore Museum of Paros!

In Lefkes of Paros you can find the Folklore Museum managed by the Cultural Association called ‘’Yria’’. This is the first Folklore museum that operated in Paros, where one can see a very interesting multitude of tools, textiles, etc. which offer abundant material and information about the old life and traditions on the island and beyond. These items have been gathered from donations from Lefkians, while the first donation was made by Nikos Panteleos.

+1 Reason: Because the House of Literature is “accommodated” in Lefkes of Paros!

In the spring of 2004, on the initiative of the Municipality of Paros and the Hellenic Center for Literary Translation (HECLT), the establishment of the “House of Literature” was implemented, with the aim of hosting professional writers, literary translators and all kinds of artists from all over the world. Thus, the Municipal Guest House of the Whites offers the right conditions for any writing or translation work (14 rooms, library, computers), hosting anyone interested for up to three months.

Rhamnos, the Caravola festival and the House of Literature in Lefkes Paros are waiting for you!

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