Kolympithres, Paros. One of the reasons why the island has been developed into a top destination of the Aegean Sea and generally all of Greece. Apart from its beautiful Cycladic villages and intense nightlife, Paros also has in its ‘’arsenal’’ a series of enchanting beaches with ‘’flagship’’ which else… Kolympithres! So what are all those features that make them stand out in the public’s preferences? Discover them through the text we have prepared for you!

These are all the reasons to visit Kolympithres, Paros.

Reason #1: Because they look like round baptistries!

Their diversity can be proved by their name. The granite rocks that enclose the beach, carved by the sea water that passes over them over the years, form well shaped swimming pools. The incomparably beautiful scenery they create, attracts eyes and clicks.

Reason #2: For their deep blue shallow waters.

This particular beach has crystal clear waters and a pretty sandy beach. Precisely because its waters are shallow, warm and windless, it is an ideal choice for families.

Reason #3: Because they combine organized and unorganized beach.

In their small coves you will find sunbeds, but also places where, you can relax using your own equipment. Of course in Kolympithres there are taverns and beach bars

Reason #4: Because it’s an ideal bay for water sports.

At Kolympithres you will enjoy your favorite water games. Water sports like skiing and wakeboarding schools operate there, as well as equipment rental for sports lovers.

+1 Reason: For their strategic location.

Kolympithres Beach is located very close to Naousa, Paros, at a distance that does not exceed 2 kilometers. You can also choose this place for your stay, as it has several available accommodations. In addition, it is easily accessible by car or KTEL (public transport bus service in Greece).

Kolympithres are waiting for you to discover them!

The lunar landscape, the crystal clear waters and the sandy beach in Kolympithres Beach in Paros are eager to enchant you. One of the most impressive and special beaches, on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece is enough to offer you unique moments of relaxation and carelessness that you will remember the whole year. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, board the FAST FERRIES ship as soon as possible and set off for Paros.


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