Kamari, Santorini: One of the most beautiful and popular resorts on the island, known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the plethora of options it offers. Undoubtedly, Kamari Santorini is a place that combines luxury and natural beauty, creating a highly enticing ‘package.’ But what are the main reasons that make Kamari Santorini so popular and beloved by both locals and foreign tourists? Let’s examine the 5+1 key reasons to choose it for your holidays!

Kamari, Santorini – Reason to Choose It #1: For the Beautiful Beach

The beach in Kamari is one of the most beautiful in all of Santorini. It is also one of the largest on the island and literally seems to be… endless! However, what makes it unique is the black volcanic sand that creates the perfect contrast with the turquoise waters. You won’t be able to stop capturing its beauty!

Kamari, Santorini – Reason to Choose It #2: For the Unique Sunset

Agreed. Sunset and Santorini are almost synonymous concepts. Wherever you look, the view of the sunset is idyllic. However, Kamari offers something different as it is on the eastern side of the island. In contrast to other popular sunset spots (e.g., Oia and Imerovigli), Kamari provides less Caldera and more Aegean

Kamari, Santorini – Reason to Choose It #3: For the Vibrant Nightlife

Kamari in Santorini is one of the liveliest resorts on the island. It boasts a wide variety of bars and entertainment centers, offering vibrant nightlife that lasts until the morning.

Kamari, Santorini – Reason to Choose It #4: For the Activities

In Kamari, there is no chance of getting bored! It offers many different activities such as sea and extreme sports, diving, boat trips, outdoor cinema, wine tasting, and much more.

Kamari, Santorini – Reason to Choose It #5: For Ancient Thira

From Kamari, visitors have easy access to the ruins of Ancient Thera and its significant monuments. Ancient Thera, situated at an altitude of 360 meters in Mesa Vouno, was an important urban center for the Cycladites. Built by Dorian colonists in the 8th century BCE, it served as the administrative and religious capital of Thera from its foundation.

Kamari, Santorini – Reason to Choose It #5+1: For its Strategic Location

Kamari is just a stone’s throw away from Santorini Airport (4 km) and the port (12 km). Furthermore, it is very close to other popular villages of Santorini, such as Fira (8 km) and Imerovigli (9.5 km). This makes Kamari Santorini a convenient base for easily exploring other parts of the island.

The enchanting Kamari in Santorini is just a decision away!

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