Heraklion of Crete, a prefecture full of beautiful beaches. In its coastline which is 200 kilometers, you will find suggestions for every taste such as classical and lovely organized beaches, even options for water sports and romantic bays for relaxation and calmness. Which are those beaches, though, worth visiting? Discover them through the text we prepared for you.

These are the beaches of Heraklion that are worth discovering:

1. The legendary Matala

What makes Matala stand out is the legend that accompanies their name. In the 60s, hippies, the famous “flower children” lived in the caves behind the beach. That beach is pebbly, clean, and organized.

2.The windless Agia Pelagia

ηράκλειο παραλίες

In the favorite seaside tourist resort of Agia Pelagia you will find the homonymous beach. It is a narrow strip of sand under the cafes and restaurants. The beach is almost always peaceful.

3. The thick sand, one of the largest beaches of the district

This beach is located to the northern part of Heraklion and constitutes one of the largest in the district. It has a golden sand, blue waters, and a majority of services for the visitors.

4. Lygaria bay

Closed, protected and windless, Lygaria’s bay is an ideal option for those who love calmness. It is protected by the winds, and that is the reason why it is perfect for families.

5.Sarantari’s little bays

In the famous “harbors” of Hersonissos is the beach of Sarantaris. These are many continuous coves that combine white sand, pebbles and turquoise waters.

6. The picturesque Kokkini Hani

Sandy beach with sallow blue waters, Kokkini Hani constitutes one of the most famous beaches of Crete. Its idyllic landscape is completed by rocky formation overlooking Aegean Sea.

7. The quite River

Peaceful and organized beach, which is an alternative to the crowded and noisy beaches of Heraklion and Malia district. Right behind the river is located the famous bog of Malia, a wetland of high importance that is worth visiting.

8.The little Psaromoura beach

In Agia Pelagia you will also find the small and idyllic Psaromoura. Its bay is surrounded by rocks and is isolated by the noise and the road.

9.The Red Sand of the nudists

ηράκλειο παραλίες

In order to reach the red sand, you can walk the path that starts from Matala or take a boat. It has been voted the world’s favorite nudist beach.

10. The exotic Komos (or Kommos)

Combining impressive sand next to the palm trees and the blue waters, Komos constitutes the most exotic option for dives in Heraklion. It also constitutes an option for nudism.

+1. Stalida, The favorite beach of visitors of Heraklion

Stalida is one the favorite beaches of those who visit Heraklion. Big in extent, sandy and rocky, is separated in two parts by some rocks. It is fully organized, offering interesting options in beach bars, restaurants and water sports.

And the list with the beautiful beaches of Heraklion goes on!

The above 10 +1 beaches are only few of the best in Heraklion. However, there are suggestions in the district around, as well as in the entire Crete, that are worth visiting. For that reason, if you have some days off, we strongly recommend you to explore options like the one of Saint Nikolaos in Elounta, Kalamaki beach and Saint George beach. Of course, in order to enjoy your dives, you should first book the ticket of the boat at www.fastferries.com.gr. So, start your trip from Piraeus with the new high speed THUNDER and…

Enjoy your trip!


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