Heraklion, the biggest center of Crete, the figurative of Minoan civilization and a city with a long history that is imprinted in its great sights. The archeological excavations proved that the place was first inhabited during the neolithic age and lasted until 3000 BC, while today, there are saved parts of Knossos, Phaistos and Katsaba. Imprints to the place were also left by Byzantines, Arabians, Venetians and Ottomans. So, which are the famous sights that are worth visiting when you get there? Learn more through the text we edited for you.

These are the sights you have to visit in Heraklion of Crete:

1. The Archeological Museum of Heraklion

It is one of the most important museums in Greece. It is located downtown of Heraklion, in Eleftheria square and houses the findings of Minoan civilization. It covers the historical period from neolithic up to Roman age.

2. The Historical Museum of Heraklion

The history of 17 centuries of Crete is unfold in its premises, from the early Christian era until today. The exhibition is not just a listing of objects, but an actual conversation with the visitor through the visual and acoustical use of technology.

3. Knossos Palace

Ηράκλειο αξιοθέατα

Knossos constitutes the greatest center Of Minoan civilization. Its palace is the most visitable archeological place of Crete with more than 1.000.000 visitors annually.

4.The Venetian fortress Koules

The sea fortress of Heraklion Venetian port (Koules) was built by the Venetians in order to protect the port of the city from the conquerors. Its original name was Rocca a Mare. Today, it is visitable by the audience.

5.The Venetian Walls

In the highest spot of Heraklion, in bastion Martinego, there are located the Venetian walls, the best maintained fortress construction in the Mediterranean Sea. There, you will enjoy unique view of the entire city. In that part, it is also located the grave of the great Cretan author, Nikos Kazantzakis.

6. Morozini Fountain or else the famous Lions of Heraklion

This elaborate Venetian Fountain with four lion heads decorates Eleftherios Venizelos square, also known as Lions square. Its drinking waters quench the thirst of locals and passers by, up to this day.

7. The Saint Mark’s Basilica (The Folk Art Gallery)

In the same square, there is located the Saint Mark’s Basilica, who was the protector of the island during the venetian period. It was built in 1239, in 1669 turned into mosque by the Ottomans, whilst from 1956 it is used as a Folk Art Gallery.

8. Lotzia, today’s Ministry of Heraklion

Ηράκλειο αξιοθέατα

Right after Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Lions, you can find Lotzia. It is one of the most elegant and majestic monuments of the Venetian period in Heraklion. Today, Heraklion Hall is located there.

9.The temple of Saint Matthew of Senaites

One of the most important temples of Heraklion of Crete is the one of Saint Matthew of Senaites. Its existence is unbreakably connected to the churching legacy of the island and especially during the Ottoman period, when he worked as its depositary.

10. The Museum of Natural History of Crete

It is hosted in the old electricity building on the coast of Heraklion, close to the Venetian port and constitutes one of the most interesting buildings of its kind. It operates within the framework of Crete’s University.

+1. The Museum of Dominikos Theotokopoulos or El Greco

It is located in the village Fodele of Crete. It is the home where the great mannerist Cretan painter, who became globally known as El Greco, grew up. There, you will admire copies of his art as well as a representation of his laboratory.

Discover the sights of Heraklion & Crete

Heraklion constitutes a destination full of sights addressed to every interest and preference. Also, its location, right in the center of Crete, allows you to visit by car other great cities such as Rethymno and Saint Nikolaos. So you better prepare yourself from now for your trip to Heraklion town, by booking your tickets with the new super modern high speed THUNDER of FAST FERRIES and….

Have a nice trip!


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