Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros, but at the same time the administrative core of Cyclades and South Aegean region, which is only 2 hours and 45 minutes away from Piraeus with the new Thunder of FAST FERRIES., This island city is a real attraction in itself that combines Cycladic Air, Venetian historical imprints, both Christian and Catholic tradition and neoclassical architectural elements that compose the imposing aristocratic identity and its cosmopolitan aura. At the same time, it is a capital full of life all year round, offering its locals but also its visitors all the comforts, as well as a multitude of entertainment options.

Ermoupolis and its history!

To get the hang of the Ermoupolis spirit, you must first get to know the history of the island. Τhe town was founded from settlers that came from the Aegean islands such as Chios, Samos and Kasos as well as Asia Minors who found refuge in it during the 1821 Revolution, when the island was under French protection. The new residents were quickly established there and the port managed to become the commercial center of the New Greek State. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, it was evolved into an original industrial center, one of the biggest of its time. Along with the economy, letters and culture flourished enormously.

Discovering Ermoupolis and its alleys.

Ermoupolis constitutes one of the most walking friendly capitals of Cyclades. Your walk through its alleys will begin from the historical Miaouli square that hosts the statue of the admiral of 1821 Revolution, Andrea Miaouli. From there, you’ll start discovering images from another era, as you will meet unique monuments and neoclassical buildings that stand proud and imposing over time, such as Syros Town Hall, a piece of art from the famous architect Ziller. Impressive is also the building that hosts Milan Staircase, which was structured in 1860 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo, adopting elements from the notorious Milan Staircase. The famous settlement Vaporia being built on a rock and giving a unique view of the Aegean Sea is its place of honor on the island, as it is the most prestigious of Ermoupolis. When you find yourself in Ermoupolis, don’t omit visiting Art Gallery, which was built in 1830.

Of course, every walk through Syros alleys should come with a break for coffee or food. Its unique port composes the ultimate choice, because, there, you will find cafes and restaurants that stand out for their quality. Needless to say that you have to taste the traditional local dishes such as Syrian pumpkin pie, atherina (a kind of fish) pie and fried atherina with onions. And when the night comes, in the exact same place you’ll find the trendiest bars in town to enjoy your drink within an idyllic atmosphere overlooking the Aegean.


Beaches around Ermoupolis.

Ermoupolis offers a lot of swimming options too, which are also accessible on foot. In front of Kanari square, close to the port, you can find “Kymata”, a small pebble beach which ensures all the comforts. In addition, one more exceptional idea is Agios Nikolaos beach that combines sand and pebble and is located under the homonymous – church. Close enough to Vaporia settlement you will also find the considerable beaches of Talliro and Vangelidis, as well as Asteria beach.

Villages around Ermoupolis!

Syros is a gorgeous Cycladic island with 29 picturesque settlements. In a small distance of almost 4 km from Ermoupolis, you can find the famous medieval settlement of Ano Syros. It is a 13th century fortress town created by the Venetian conquerors to protect the inhabitants from the pirate invasions. Inside, it hides graphic alleys, beautiful cafes and taverns, as well as a large market that offers its visitors literally everything. Another option, you have available, is to visit the Kini settlement which is only 7 km away from the Capital. This remarkable seaside fishing village will definitely earn you with the quaintness of the landscape and the warmth of the people who live mostly from fishing. On its hill, you will find the Catholic Cathedral of the transfiguration of the Virgin that celebrates on the 15th of August, while in its entrance you will find the female Monastery of Agia Varvara.



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