Agrari, one of the most beautiful and calm beaches Mykonos can offer. It is located to the southern part of the island, between two of the most popular Mykonian beaches, Super Paradise and Elia. It is the choice of those who love peace and relaxation, but they don’t want to part with their comforts. But what are really, one by one, the reasons why it is worth visiting? Discover them through the following text!

6 Reasons to swim in Agrari beach of Mykonos!

1.Agrari beach provides the antidote of crowdies.

Contrary to the frantic rhythms that prevail on the island, Agrari continues reminding something of previous decades’ Mykonos. The unique tranquility that characterizes it is essential for those looking for an antidote from the crowds and beach parties.

2. The paradisial environment

Agrari is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos. The fine sand combined with the turquoise waters compose a scene of unique beauty that will be unforgettable.

3. The windless creek

The south-east orientation of Agrari is ideal for Mykonos, where mainly northerly winds blow. Thus, its bay remains windless, even as long as the August’s strong blow winds last.

4. Its comforts

Enjoy the comfortable sunbed and indulge in the magic of summer from early morning until late at night. Here, in addition to your coffee, you can also taste snacks, cocktails, even delicacies with gourmet touches.

5.The strategic location

Agrari beach is located approximately 15 minutes by car from Chora and 10 minutes from the airport. Of course, it can be reached by regular public transport, but also by boat from Platys Gialos or Ornos.

6. Water Sports

Mykonian Agrari beach is an ideal choice for any lover of water sports activities. You can enjoy any sport you like, such as windsurfing and water skiing.

Discover Agrari and all the unique beaches of Mykonos

If what you are looking for is a day of calm, relaxation and enjoyment at the beach, then Agrari is the proposal that suits you. So what if it is not ranked among the ‘’hottest’’ beaches of Mykonos? It will always be a top choice to detoxify, even a little, from the frantic Mykonian rhythms. So, when you find yourself on the island of the Winds, don’t forget to add it to your summer…diving schedule. So book your tickets to the island with FAST FERRIES today and enjoy!


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