Agia Anna, one of the beaches worth visiting when you find yourself in Naxos. The reasons? It is a really enchanting choice that combines a tempting “package” for every type of traveler, regardless of age, company and mood. What are all the advantages, though, that make it so popular? Let’s find them out together through the text we prepared for you!

The 3 reasons why Agia Anna in Naxos is the most acclaimed destination of the island:

1. Its natural beauty of unrivalled charm!

Agia Anna, Naxos is a gorgeous beach with an endless golden seaside and waters so crystal clear that allow you to see through its bottom, even in the depths! It comes after Agios Prokopis’ beach, which, although less popular and prominent, still, has its own fan club! It constitutes an exceptional choice to watch a sunset that you’ve hardly seen before, while enjoying your cocktail, when Agia Anna’s white church (to which it owes its name) dominates majestic over the beach.

2. Its strategic location!

The settlement in Agia Anna, Naxos is located to an extremely convenient spot that can be easily used as a base and starting point to explore the whole island. It is only 5km from Naxos town by car, while local KTEL (bus service) provides regular routes. In fact, while we move towards the high season of summer period, the density of routes is getting denser, with routes from early morning till late night. In Agia Anna of Naxos, you will also find a variety of accommodations that will make your stay comfortable and delightful.

3. Its options for everyone!

Whether you are having family vacations and need the convenience of an organized beach, or you are on a romantic vacation with your partner and looking for some peace, then Agia Anna in Naxos is what we call…”the place to be”. Although only a few decades ago, it was famous for the camping and its pristine beauty, now it stands out for its cosmopolitan character. The biggest part of the coast, offers organized beaches to those who love swimming, coastal businesses and beach bars. It will satisfy even the most romantic ones, offering them the isolated bays with natural shadow from cedars. Water sports’ friends will be left anything but complaining, as they also have their fair share. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that a little further away, the homonymous- beach of nudists can be found. Last but not least, the settlement of Agia Anna in Naxos shall have dozens of restaurants available, traditional, simple but also luxurious where you can taste whatever you wish for.

The enchanting Agia Anna of Naxos is only one click away from you!

Are you preparing your summer holidays for Naxos this year? If the answer is yes, then, you shouldn’t omit a dive in Agia Anna beach. You can also choose its settlement for your stay, as it constitutes the ideal start for your excursions to the island. So, what are you waiting for? Get on board in one of FAST FERRIES ships’ and sail to the biggest island of Cyclades.


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