Achla, one of the treasures hidden by the enchanting North Andros, bellow the village of Vourkotis. It is one of the most beautiful beaches you could ever visit in Greece – and not only. At the same time, it constitutes habitat with a plane-tree forest, where the river Achlas flows. That’s why, when you get there, you’ll feel like you are literally in paradise. So, what are all these features that make it stand out? Let’s find them out one by one!

Achla: 5 Reasons to visit it!

1. The beautiful beach!

Achla beach combines sand with fine white beach pebble. The emerald waters in the little bay are always windless, even the days of Cycladic winds. Thus, you can peacefully enjoy your dives the entire summer. Have in mind to carry all the necessary with you, as the beach is unorganized.

2. Achlas River that flows in Achla!

Achla was named after Achlas River which comes up from the slopes of the mountains of Vourkotis and flows to the beach, creating an outstanding spectacle of nature. It is one of the largest rivers of Andros while its waters continue to flow even on the hot and dry days of summer.

3. The rich waterland!

Apart from the beach, Achla constitutes a rich habitat full of plane trees which hosts freshwater crabs, eels, water turtles, hares and dragonflies. Rare migratory birds, such as the “Mavropetritis” seabird, a kind of falcon which makes a stop in Achla to take some rest, pass through there, before it reaches its final destination, Madagascar.

4. The natural swimming pools suitable for swimming!

Apart from the tall plane trees, in Achla you will see small waterfalls that end in “vathres” which are natural swimming pools appropriate for swimming that will make you feel like the protagonist on the set of the movie “Blue Lake”.

5. The sights on the beach!

Achla is accessible either by jeep from the road, or by boat, that starts from Andros Chora, from the sea. If you choose to visit it from the road, along the way you will come across the famous Monastery of Agios Mamas from the 16th century. When you reach the beach, on the one side you will see the Metochi of Holy Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Andros and on the other the Old Lady’s Lighthouse.



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