Syros, a destination full of mystical attractions! It is only by chance that she is not called “Lady of Cyclades”! The island has been a center of civilization since ancient times, while to this day it is one of the few places in the world where Catholic and Orthodox Christian religion and culture coexist harmoniously. The capital of Ermoupolis is an impressive island state with retro chic elements that you have never seen before in Greece. On the other hand, Ano Syros with its medieval castle is a unique combination of Catholic tradition and Cycladic architecture.

Discover the top attractions of Syros!

The sights of Syros are one of the most basic reasons to visit it with FAST FERRIES. But which are the ones that you should definitely include in your vacation schedule?

1.Miaouli Square, the meeting point of the island!

This is the heart of Ermoupolis, the ultimate meeting point for locals and visitors alike. In its center dominates the statue of the famous admiral of the Revolution of 1821 Andreas Miaoulis. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings, all creations of the 19th century such as the iconic Town Hall, the club that houses the Spiritual Center, as well as the Historical Archive of Syros.

2. The City Hall of Syros, one of its most important attractions!

Work of the famous architect Ernest Ziller, the building of the Town Hall of Syros is one of the largest town halls, but also one of the most magnificent neoclassical buildings of modern Greece. Its architecture combines Tuscan and Ionic style influences, with Corinthian style columns. Its foundation began in 1876, while its inauguration took place in 1898. Its premises also host the Archaeological Museum, one of the oldest in Greece.

3.The Municipal Theater of Apollo with references to the Scala of Milan!

Even if you have not arranged to attend an opera or theater performance, you should definitely admire it in person. It was built in 1862 – 1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sambo and its design shows patterns and influences from great Italian theaters, such as Milan’s La Scala. During the Second World War it suffered significant damage, however it was fully restored by the state. Today, it is one of the most important centers of cultural activity in Ermoupolis and Cyclades.

4. Vaporia, the famous district of Ermoupolis!

Vaporia mansions is the famous aristocratic district of the island with neoclassical and mansion buildings on the sea. The way they are built on the edge of the rocks makes them look like ships, which led to the name “Vaporia” (Ships). Each of its houses is high-ceilinged, decorated with miniatures, marble balconies, wooden floors and carved wooden doors that are worth admiring up close.

5. The Transit Warehouses and the Cyclades Art Gallery!

The Transit Warehouses at the pier of the port of Syros follow the old coastline and attract the attention of visitors with their special style. They were built in 1834 – 1839 according to plans by I.B. Erlacher and under the supervision of Wilhelm von Weiler. Since 1994, the Cyclades Art Gallery has been operating in the building, which hosts periodic exhibitions and its own collections.

6.The archaeological site of Chalandriani – Kastri!

The recorded history of Syros starts from the early Bronze Age, specifically from the 3rd millennium BC. As the archaeological finds reveal, the settlements of Chalandriani and Kastri occupied an important place in its residential model. Follow the path that connects the prehistoric acropolis of Chalandriani with Kastri, enjoying an endless view of the Aegean.

7.The aquarium in Kini, one of the most favorite attractions of Syros!

One of the favorite choices of visitors to Syros is its aquarium, which was recently renovated. Here, you will discover representative species of fish and other marine organisms found on its beaches, as well as secrets of the magical world of Cyclades and Aegean. Traditional boats and tools from its rich fishing tradition are also housed in the same area.

8. The Church of the Dormition of the Virgin!

Built in 1828, it is the second oldest church in Ermoupolis after the Holy Metropolitan Church of the Transfiguration of 1824. It is a three-aisled royal church with an interior decorated with wood and marble elements. Its wooden domes do not look like an overturned ship. Here, you will also admire the original image of the Dormition of the Virgin from 1562, created by the leading Greek painter Domenico Theotokopoulos (El Greco).

9.The Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis!

The industrial heritage and maritime tradition of Syros are reflected in all their glory at the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis. It is housed in the renovated Katsimanti paint factory, while it has two more buildings: the Anairousi powder factory and the Kornilaki tannery. Here, you will discover a large collection of golden industrial age tools, equipment and machinery from the island’s pastry, textile, tannery, printing, mechanical and glass workshops.

10.The St. Pakou, a Catholic chapel with a view on the… sunset!

At the highest point of the hill opposite the beach of Galissa, is the small church of Agia Pakou or Agia Ypakoi. To reach it, you must first cross a difficult path and climb several small steps. However, the magnificent panoramic view from its surroundings, especially at sunset, will surely reward you.

+1. Ano Syros and its Medieval Castle!

The Venetian settlement of Ano Syros is surrounded by the famous Castle, which was built in the 13th century by the first Frankish settlers of the island. Only there, you will enjoy a unique combination of medieval and Cycladic architecture. Walk through its narrow streets, visit the house where the great rebetis (famous Greek composer) Markos Vamvakaris grew up, stop for coffee in the local shops and reach the top of the castle town where San George, the Catholic Metropolis, is located.

Syros and its sights are waiting for you to enjoy them!

Do you think that the sights of Syros are the only ones we have presented to you? This island hides even more that you can visit, such as the Kyveli Institute, the Church of Agios Nikolaos, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, but also the famous chapel of Agios Stefanos which is built in the area of Galissa, inside a cave by the sea . Of course, don’t forget to swim in its beautiful beaches, but also try its local flavors.

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