Vacations in Naxos are undoubtedly something timeless, enchantingly beautiful and indelibly etched in the visitor’s memory. By common consent, it is one of the most beautiful spots of the Aegean, as it combines a centuries-old history with unique attractions and a spectacular natural landscape change. At the same time, it uniquely combines business and pleasure, thanks to its hospitable inhabitants, its endless beaches, the unique local products and its well-hidden mountain villages.
We could say that the largest island of the Cyclades has the whole “package” to offer idyllic holidays and the reasons are countless. So having made a great effort, we gathered just 7 reasons – which are, however, more than enough – to let you understand why Naxos is the most “must” destination for your holidays.

1# Portara!

Portara Naxos, famous and unique all over the world, is still a fascinating and unsolved mystery, about which a lot has been written and said.

It is the first thing that all travelers see when arriving by ship in Naxos and certainly the last thing that will forget when they leave. Impressive for both its size and construction, it seems to stand in eternity and drive everywhere and nowhere. An “enigma” door, a sun door that has divided scientists, researchers, archaeologists and even ordinary visitors as to its meaning and role. It will enchant you.

2# Naxos, Town!

Where you can feel part of history and feel the imposing marks left by the ancient Greeks, as well as the French and Venetian nobles of the fourth crusade. Explore it by walking the narrow streets of the medieval Castle that hugs the hill, enjoy your coffee and taste the famous local liqueur, citron.

3# Naxos, holidays and gastronomy delights!

Naxos, among other things, is ideal for holidays and for its incredible and delicious local cuisine. As it produces some of the most excellent products of Greece, it promises you unique gastronomical excursions and you might even return a few kilos fatter than when you came! Traditional cheese-making in Naxos is simply extraordinary. You must try Naxos graviera and Kefalotyri cheese which are incredibly delicious. You must also try the famous potatoes of excellent quality and deliciousness, due to the sandy clay soil rich in potassium.

4# The only one and Infinity Apeiranthos!

Apeiranthos is the precious gem of mountainous Naxos. 10 centuries passed over it, leaving untouched the houses, the cobblestones, the way its inhabitants speak, their habits and daily life. Relax in one of its old cafes and inhale as much as you can of its “unadulterated” culture.

#5 The beautiful Potamia!

One of the most beautiful and traditional villages of Naxos is undoubtedly (Ano and Kato) Potamia. At a distance of just 8 km. from the capital of the island and the port, Potamia offers a rare eye-bath of peace and joy thanks to its centuries-old plane trees, orchards and the rivers that cross it and never stop running in winter and summer. It will detoxify you, relax you and make you ecstatic.

6# Naxos as a starting point for short-day holidays in the Small Cyclades!

In case you visit Naxos for several days, it is definitely worth stealing 1-2 days to visit the Small Cyclades – just for the eye – Cyclades.
You can choose between the beautiful Koufonisia, the enchanting Donoussa, the extremely alternative Heraklia and the unique Schinoussa, as their short distance from Naxos offers the ideal opportunity to explore them.

7# Mikri Vigla!

This is the beach of wind and extreme sports. If you are an extreme and adventurous type, Mikri Vigla is what you need for big doses of adrenaline. Get ready for non-stop kite surfing and windsurfing on a beach that is anything but quiet and peaceful!

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